5 Sentence Fiction

5 Sentence Fiction: thunder

This week’s prompt from Lillie McFerrin is Thunder.


He said a small prayer, a mantra really, repeating it again and again under his breath as he ran through the creek, water splashing to his waist as the rain poured down around him: Give me enough time, Give me enough time. Straining to listen for any noise, he wasn’t able to separate anything between the rhythm of his running, the pounding of his heart, his labored breathing and the roar of the thunder.

The sound of dogs barking reaches him above the cacophony of the storm, stopping him dead in his tracks. He looks around, trying to find an escape, a place to hide, but there’s nothing. “Shit,” he swears under his breath as he rips off his shirt, throwing it into the bushes on the side of the steam, hoping to throw off the dogs, then he takes off, running for his life.

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