6 Sentence Stories

6 Sentence Stories: Silence

Okay. I know it’s cliché to start a story with someone waking up, but that is where this went, and I went along with it. Sorry!
The prompt comes from Josie Two Shoes: Silence
That last thing he remembered was the flash of the light and echoing of the explosion ringing in his ears, leading to Charles being very disoriented when his eyes finally fluttered opened. His gaze moved across the room, and he recognized it as a hospital room, recognized the two people next to his bed; Mary relaxed in the chair next to him, absent-mindedly watching the television with baby James asleep in her arms. The imagine made him smile, and he followed Mary’s vision to see she was watching Jeopardy on mute.

Just as Charles was preparing to reach over for her hand, he saw her shift to stand up, moving across the room towards an unknown man, apparently a doctor. It took him only a few minutes to realize that he couldn’t hear a word they were saying, and when the pieces fell together in his mind, he must have called out. Mary spun around, relief and joy spread across her face, and Charles watched her mouth move in excited flurry, but he heard nothing but silence.

6 thoughts on “6 Sentence Stories: Silence

  1. Hi Caitlyn! I’m delighted to see you joining us for Six Sentence Stories with this wonderful piece! As one who is hard of hearing and lives in a somewhat fuzzy world when I don’t have my hearing aids in, I can attest to how terrifying and isolating it would be to suddenly discover that you hear nothing at all. Very well written story, you painted the emotions well! I’d love to have you join in at Two Shoes Tuesday also, stop by this Tuesday and check it out… word prompts, but no length restrictions, so you can write away! Though I have to say that I enjoy working in such a limited framework, it teaches me to use my words wisely and precisely!

    • Hi Josie *waves* and thank you! Although I’ve only done a handful of the extremely short fiction, I do like the challenge. I tend to be very wordy and often times long winded, so it’s always exciting to do something different and have it work.

      Perhaps I will attempt TST. We’ll see what my time frame allows.

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