6 Sentence Stories

6 Sentence Stories: Power

This prompt is from Two Shoes in Texas, check it out and join in the writing!


Star giggled with delight as she watched the orange circle of light bounce back and forth between her hands, never in her life had she been so excited, knowing that she accomplished so much with just her mind.

“Now remember,” Professor Sterling’s voice held an almost condescending tone, “You must remain in control of yourself and your surroundings; this is not to be taken lightly.”

Star smirked, trying not to roll her eyes at the middle-aged woman, wondering how could anyone take this lightly.

She balanced the light in one hand, as if measuring its weight, and she felt, for the first time, the extent of the power she had, the force she could exert, the gift she had been given.

And she couldn’t wait to show off what she’s learned to do, demonstrating her new trick to her sisters, who had not been given this gift. Her body shook with want to tease them and show them her power, and see the awe in their faces.

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