ENFP Personality Type: Blogtember 9th

What a week! After a heart attack *my dad’s, not mine*, a life flight and an anxious day at the hospital *he’s home and doing well*, instead of getting caught up with the Blogtember Challenge, I have fallen further behind!

*sigh* At least we’re all home and safe, and, apparently, ready to write. Here’s the next prompt in the challenge: Take this short personality test and respond to your results.

So, I took the test. It’s kind of a pain in the ass test, but interesting. I sometimes have trouble with these sorts of things, because I struggle being honest. Often times I find myself answering the way I’d like to be, instead of the actual way I am. But I tried to be aware of that, for the sake of integrity and all, and answer as truthfully as possible.

It turns out that I’m an ENFP, which meant absolutely nothing to me until I read the break down. And you know what, it wasn’t that off!

Extrovert: Without even reading any further, I know it’s at least in the right ball park, because I am anything but introverted. I love people and parties and being social.

Intuitive: Well… ahem… I, ah, tend to react emotionally. A lot. Even when I don’t really want to, I often have gut reactions that I respond to before thinking things through.

Feeling: Repeat everything listed above. And then add on the fact that I am often times over-empathetic. I work in the helping field and often end up working harder than my clients, burning myself out while they make no changes.

Perceiving: I don’t know if it fits in here, but I have a BA in philosophy. Mostly because I love to think. I like to wonder. One of my favorite activities involves laying on my back in the grass, staring at the night stars and just wondering, “What if…”

So when you put it all together, this is what they say: ENFP’s are “idea-people” and “people-people.” Definitely true. We like to help people, be liked and admired. Hmm… Maybe this thing is better than I thought. It mentions we are outgoing, warm and like people. Couldn’t be anymore true. I am sometimes too outgoing, and have found myself in conversations at Walmart with random people I don’t even know!

They mention that we like to tell stories and are global learners. Give me a few drinks, and believe me, I’ll never shut up! We are good friends and don’t like to be alone. We once lived in a house for 8 months, and until the day before we moved out, I had never been there alone.

Sometimes we are hard to deal with in relationships, as we are bad with money and following through with things. And much of the time we’re needy. Uhhh… yep. And right along with that needy, I tend to be physically clinging, especially with M, my husband.

We often procrastinate and don’t like boring tasks. I’ve found many, many ways to justify my procrastination, reasoning around it and making excuses. And on my parenting blog, I’ve created a Laundry List, filled with things that need to be done that I just keep putting off.

We tend to make “hasty decisions” due to “deeply felt values” that can result in “unpredictable results.” I could tell you multiple times about “hasty decisions” that lead me to have to go back and apologize. Not because I get mean, but because I say what I’m thinking and feeling, and sometimes not in the best manner.

So, yeah. This little personality quiz seems to be pretty much right on. There isn’t much it says, if anything, that doesn’t apply to me, the way I think and even the way I define myself. It picked up on my strengths and weaknesses, and described me pretty damn well. Good job little quiz!


6 thoughts on “ENFP Personality Type: Blogtember 9th

  1. Dear Caitlyn,
    I’m delighted to hear your Dad is home and doing much better. I did the test and these were my results Extravert(56%) iNtuitive(38%) Feeling(38%) Judging(44%)
    You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (56%)
    You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%)
    You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)
    You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (44%)

      • Dear Caitlyn,
        I did find the results interesting for the exception of judging over perceiving. Does this indicate I judge a situation rather than perceive? I’m certainly not a judgemental gal far from that.
        In any case I really like taking these quizzes it gives me a lot of insight.
        Have A Great Day 😊
        Your Pal,

      • Honesty, I’ve got no damn clue what they mean! I would think in this context I means that you use judgment (comparison of facts), rather than perception (what you think/feel) more. *shrugs* But really, who the hell knows?

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