5 Sentence Fiction

5 Sentence Fiction: Moon

Inspired by Lillie McFerrin‘s 5 Sentence Fiction. This week’s prompt: Moon.


They needed a sacrifice, she knew that, but refused to give herself up to a god she didn’t believe in.

She heard the howls behind her, echoing through the woods and fought to keep her bearings, fearful of getting lost.

At last, she broke into the clearing, falling to her knees in the moonlight, while she tried to calm her breathing.

The sounds of the dogs were closing in and she scrambled back to her feet willing herself to keep moving, making it to the center of the meadow when the masked men moved out from the shadows of the woods.

With a deep breath, she looked up at the moon, moved her blade to her throat, and sliced as deep as she could, feeling the moist heat on her skin before everything faded.

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