5 Sentence Fiction

Five Sentence Fiction: Misunderstanding

**Warning: NSFW. This post contains sexually explicit material. It is solely intended for adults 18 years old and older.**

The Five Sentence Fiction prompt comes from Lillie McFerrin. This week, misunderstanding.


Dar’s excitement was hard to contain as she thought about the night ahead; it was Mac’s 34th birthday and she’d been planning it for nearly two months. She knew he’d be home from work around 7, and therefore asked Christie to be there by six, leaving them plenty of time for a few drinks before they got ready. By 6:45, both girls were in bed, stripped down to their undies, lips and tongues dancing as their hands moved over one another, learning and caressing the other’s bodies. At 7 o’clock exactly, they heard the door open and close, and Dar pulled Christie’s panties off as she kissed her way down the woman’s body, wanting to have her face buried between her legs when her husband walked in. Her tongue licked and circled Christie’s clit, and as she sucked it into her mouth, she heard Mac enter the room and his footsteps stop; there was a long pause before he said, “You’re a god damn whore,” and stormed down the hall, slamming doors as he went.

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