5 Sentence Fiction

5 Sentence Fiction: Ruins

Inspired by Lillie McFerrin’s 5 Sentence Fiction. This week’s prompt: Ruins.

Lillie McFerrin Writes
I go inside and walk among them, the ghosts of the past that swim inside this place.
Blood stains and broken glass no longer visible, but they haunt me here: the metallic smell mixed with remnants of burnt flesh and piss, the echo of slamming doors and scared silence and the feel of empty stomachs and broken bones flood my senses.
My hand moves along the wall, taking me back to a different time, trying not to remember, but too afraid to forget.
I come to the front door and stop, taking a moment to observe it one more time.
“Torch it, it’s nothing but ruins,” I say walking out and I don’t look back even as they lite the first flames.

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