National Poetry Month

I’m not much of a poet, and I can’t really say I enjoy writing it. But I believe doing things that are uncomfortable make us stronger, so every once in awhile I try my hand. And since today is the first day of National Poetry Month, I figured I’d share something.

I wrote this in January, in response to a Time Is Now prompt from Poets & Writers. It’s regarding a secret I kept for over 3 years, that came out in 2012.

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” This quote from Robert Frost reveals the raw origins of poetry, and emphasizes the complex cerebral and emotional forces that inspire poems. Think of how poetry accommodates both the expansiveness and simplicity of our emotions. Use this unique and paradoxical phenomenon to write about a profound and complicated experience in your life: perhaps the death of a long-suffering loved one, or the graduation of a child, or the private self-confession of having fallen out of love. Start with a single emotion, and begin your journey there.


I didn’t tell you

because it was my guilt to carry.

I created it

therefore my burden to bare.

I was conflicted

although you would probably disagree.

It was heavy.

The guilt

it weighed on me.

But it was mine

and I dared not share it with you.

Because I didn’t want to hurt you.

Because I care.

Because if it ruined us.


I couldn’t bare the pain

and the hurt

and the guilt

it would cause.

Which makes me wonder

was it guilt?

Or was it fear?

Fear of losing you.


This thing we have

Our love

Our life.

And while the guilt was heavy

The fear was paralyzing.


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month

  1. Fabulous poem!! Thanks for sharing. I love the raw emotion and depth of feeling you have communicated here. Also glad to see someone else excited about National Poetry Month 🙂

    • In my teens, I wrote poetry all the time, but it’s been years, and it’s difficult for me now, almost like a stutter in my mind and on my fingers. But thank you minette, for your kind words!

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