Caitlyn's Random Facts

Caitlyn’s Random Facts: Lesson 1

I seem to have all sorts of pieces of useless knowledge and random facts, which I like to pull out of the recesses of my mind from time to time. I love to learn, to study, and even to think big thoughts once in a while, but often times only bits and pieces remain.

And since I’m struggling with this Ultimate Blog Challenge thing, I figured why not put them to some use and share them with you.

So without further ado, here is my first installment of Caitlyn’s Random Facts. I know it’s thrilling, but try to curb your excitement.

I decided to share the first random fact I remember learning. It happened in 5th grade science class. I don’t think it was something we were being taught, but the result of a random, end of class discussion. Perhaps someone was commenting on a new puppy they got or trying to make a joke or something.

But somehow, puppies humping stuffed animals came up in conversation.

And without blinking an eye, Mr. B explained they had to do it. Not hump stuffed animals per se, but hump things in general.

Both male and female puppies have to hump thing to build up their… um private part muscles. These muscles in dogs don’t develop the same way human’s muscles do. They strengthen through repetitive action and practice, and if they didn’t do it, they would not be strong enough to mate and reproduce.

Therefore, puppies hump things, not because they like to, but because they have to.

I thought it was such a cool thing, and I remember telling my mom about it later that evening, almost as if I was proud of knowing it. A few days (weeks, months, I don’t really know) later, I went to watch her play volleyball at the local rec center (her team was the Riverview Rats and they wore black t-shirts). Lo and behold, the ref was Mr. B.

I said hi, and my mom asked me who he was. I explained that he was my science teacher. And my mom, in her amazing ability to embarrass me, asked, in front of all of her teammates, “The one who taught you why puppies hump things?”

I like to think that Mr. B didn’t hear her, that he was just out of earshot, because the 11-year-old Caitlyn would be mortified if she thought he did.



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